Forensic Analysis

Should one of your products be involved in a catastrophic failure in the field that resulted in a fire and/or injury to users, Wilger is at your service to determine the likely cause(s) of the fault.

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Everyday products cause harm to themselves or others due to technical issues and/or  poor installation practices and/or the use of a product outside it’s intended scope.  Manufacturer’s need to determine the root cause of field failures  quickly especially when legal action has been initiated.

If a component is at fault the manufacturer needs to know what happened, why it happened, and how to remediate the problem.  Wilger Testing has assisted manufacturers, municipalities, and attorneys in hundreds of field failures reducing claims made and shifting blame of the failure to the installer and/or user.

When Wilger conducts the forensic analysis we are usually retained as the technical expert of the defense which means that our results cannot be used by the plaintiff. Further, as with all proprietary information we do not disclose to others what we found in our analysis.  Wilger Testing is a partner you can depend on when field situations must be resolved.  Our proven forensic analysis program will not only get to the probable faults but provide your choices to remediate the problem or defend your position.

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