I have worked for UL, CSA and TÜV SÜD and when my lighting friends and associates need the very best assistance with failures and time to market with various OSHA NRTLs I send them to the team at Wilger. They are the only non-agency 3rd party lighting product safety testing laboratory in my book.

Jason L. Chesley
Sales Manager, Lighting - TÜV SÜD America

In today's rapid evolution in light sources and regulation, the services of an independent knowledgeable consultant is imperative for all companies that value innovative product development. Joe O'Neill and his associates at Wilger are considered key members of our design team. Our association for more than 15 years has enabled our company to develop unique innovative products. Their response time is immediate and technical guidance extremely valuable. Navigating the various regulations, NRTL choices and solving issues with AHJs have always been successful. Wilger is a vital asset to our company.

John Tremaine
CEO & Founder

Wilger Liaison has supplied us with unprecedented services over many years. Their expertise is invaluable and allows us to develop new design, modified and custom fixtures in a timely fashion. Their professional services always come in handy whether they are specific around our listings, codes, trouble shooting or the like. We highly recommend them as they have always been valued as a close partner in our industry.

Jerry Ahlin

I met Jerry Plank when he worked for Underwriters Laboratory (UL), continued the relationship when he founded Wilger testing Co. some years ago, and still consult with him to this day. He is the most dedicated professional with regard to safety in the field of lighting and electrical equipment and application. Jerry writes a quarterly column on Lighting Safety for Lighting Design and Application magazine, the monthly technical journal of the Illuminating Engineering Society in which he shares his experience and expertise with 11,000 members of our Society. He is uncompromising in his dedication to occupant safety when dealing with electrical gear. Jerry Plank always makes suggestions to manufacturers and lighting designers on how to improve the safety of their products and comply with UL and Canadian CSA standards. He also provides wise counsel to lighting professionals like myself on the proper application of listed lighting products .

Willard L. Warren PE, FIES, DSA, LC
President, Willard L. Warren Assoc.

I had the good fortune of working with Wilger Testing for over 10 years. Wilger Testing stands out as one of the most unique places for testing and evaluation of the lighting products.

Why are they unique?

What struck me about Wilger right from the very first contact was the professionalism of the entire Wilger’s  team of specialists; they are all friendly, eager to help, highly skilled,  well trained and certified.

They are 100% dedicated LIGHTING SPECIALISTS with skills and capacity that I did not see anywhere else, and you have to trust me as I speak from the experience as a Technical Advisor for Lighting Products at Canadian Standards Association. Wilger Testing has more testing capacity and collective experience in testing and evaluation of the Lighting Products than some Certification and Testing Laboratories themselves!

In my years of working with them I have found the entire Wilger’s team, headed by Joseph and Jerry, totally trustworthy and honourable, They are simply great; everybody can be famous but not everybody can be great, because greatness is determined by service.

Trusting is hard. Knowing who to trust, even harder. I confidently recommend Wilger Testing to anyone from the Lighting Industry who looks for credible service and long term trustful relationship.

Dejan Lenasi, P. Eng.

As a former NRTL employee, it was a pleasure to work with Wilger. Wilger sets the bar high among other companies that participate in the Client Test and Data Acceptance Programs because of the quality of their work. Their knowledge of how their products comply with the standards and testing shows in the way they provide their documentation packages. I was always confident that by working on a Wilger project, I would have to put in little effort because the work was already completed. In addition to having near flawless documentation packages, it was always a pleasure to work with the Wilger staff!

Julianne M. Lambiasi, Evaluation Engineering Supervisor
Magnetrol International

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