Our mission at Wilger is simple; get your products to market quick! Our proven expertise in product safety testing saves you time, money, and hassle so you can concentrate on making better products.

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As an industry leader in product safety testing, we have completed literally hundreds of thousands of product listings with various NRTL’s for our clients. From our first day in business to today, our proven system of evaluation, testing, and compliance engineering  has been extremely beneficial for manufacturer’s.

The key to our service,however, is the fact that we allow your staff to maximize their core competency of designing new products while we address your  product safety concerns. Further, our evaluation and testing process catches many of the hidden faults in your product, that are outside of that covered in the safety standards, but can result in field failures later.

Our proven process is a win-win for your organization by providing dependable, high level compliance services that cannot be replicated anywhere. For a fraction of a full time compliance team you too can have industry leaders handle your projects.


Our team of seasoned engineers will  solve technical problems in your NRTL programs quickly giving you a  competitive advantage. Click here for an overview of our engineering services.


When you need product safety tests conducted fast and accurately we have the capacity to turn around projects quick. Click here for an overview of our laboratory services.


Every NRTL assignment requires a documentation package for the product. Click here for an overview of our documentation services.

Forensic Analysis

When a product fails in the field manufacturers often need an unbiased report of what happened. Click here for an overview of our forensic analysis services.

We've been trusted by thousands of global companies in their compliance testing. Take control of your future, stop wasting money and join our product safety testing team! Free quotations are a click away.

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