The core of our business is our engineering department. Our knowledgeable, experienced, and thorough engineers find the best path to compliance, minimizing the need to modify your product.

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In interpreting the safety requirements those unskilled in the craft, or those that don’t have sufficient  knowledge of why the requirement was developed, may uncover perceived non-compliant areas that our engineers will be able eliminate.  Our staff participates in all  UL/ANSI  technical panels for luminaires, emergency lighting, and components.

Using our approach to a product safety investigation, we always minimize the tests required in establishing test programs.  Our intimate knowledge of the various tests required allows us to make engineering  judgements that are accepted by NRTL’s, in reducing the overall test program.  Reducing the test program also reduces the samples and overall costs of the product safety program.

Many clients use our engineering services to pre-review a product prior to tooling to avoid expensive tooling modifications later.

We offer our engineering service as part of our “Gold” retainer service or can assist your team in conducting  part or all of the investigation.  Engineering services include compliance  pre-review, compliance  post review, safety and code related questions, resolution  of AHJ (Inspector) situations, test plan development, developing new requirements to address new technologies.  We also assist manufacturers when an NRTL inspection problem occurs with a held shipment. There is absolutely no need for your team to be wasting time trying to resolve items that we can clear up quickly.

Wilger Testing has been instrumental in working with NRTL’s in creating new requirements to gain listings quickly without incurring long or protracted fact finding investigations. We have ushered through the system many new technologies where others have stumbled or been rejected by an NRTL.

We are at your service to review your product to uncover non-compliant areas with solutions, or to establish the test criteria for a product safety program.  Please call or submit your request.

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