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Wilger Testing is an industry leader in gaining fast, thorough, and technically sound NRTL listings for our clients.

Wilger Testing realizes that a manufacturer is only as relevant as the last product developed for the market. Where new products could be introduced  yearly in the past, the internet has changed the game and product introductions need to be completed monthly, if not weekly. The problem created with fast product cycles is that your design staff does not have the time required to do a thorough product safety review so details get overlooked.

Unfortunately, overlooked details in product safety testing result in two possible scenarios:

  1. The product is over designed in an attempt to remove non compliant issues that may or may not exist, and
  2. when the product is reviewed by the NRTL features and benefits may need to be removed or modified or worse yet a test failure pops up.  Imagine how late stage modifications can derail your marketing plan or more importantly get you pulled off a specification.

No one can argue the point that late changes or test failures in a product safety program will derail your project which is disastrous for your company. The solution is using Wilger Testing  pre-review service for  your  products upfront to remove obstacles that inflate NRTL costs and save you time. Our pre-review addresses performance issues even before you’ve tooled the product. Simply put, no other firm has the historical or technical  knowledge to deliver what we do each and every day which is uncompromising technical service. Wilger always keeps you ahead of the curve!


Since 1980 our creed is to “Be the Best” at what we do, product safety testing!

Facility Capabilities

Our ANAB accredited laboratory is at your service to uncover performance issues before the product is submitted to an NRTL. Don’t be fooled and entrust your testing to unaccredited firms.


Compliance engineering is the essence of what we do ensuring that your products meet the minimum level of safety required without jumping through bureaucratic hoops.


NRTL’s do not accredit laboratories to ISO/IEC 17025, they only assess capabilities. Look for A2LA, ANAB,or NVLAP accreditation before you waste money on data that is not accepted globally.

Wilger Liaison has supplied us with unprecedented services over many years. Their expertise is invaluable and allows us to develop new design, modified and custom fixtures in a timely fashion. Their professional services always come in handy whether they are specific around our listings, codes, trouble shooting or the like. We highly recommend them as they have always been valued as a close partner in our industry.

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We've been trusted by thousands of global companies in their compliance testing. Take control of your future, stop wasting money and join our product safety testing team! Free quotations are a click away.

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