The product safety system has integrity as each product listed by an NRTL is subjected to an inspection. We prepare the descriptive report used by the inspectors as a means to save time and costs.

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Every product safety investigation ends with a physical description of what was tested and subsequently listed. Did you know that you are charged for the inspection descriptive report and that a poorly written report can cause problems?

A poorly written inspection descriptive report will be too rigid and not allow for alternate  components to be used later or preclude similar models without an expensive retesting.  Wilger’s skilled staff not only prepares the reports in the format required by the listing agency  but allows manufacturer’s to have greater flexibility in production.

Greater flexibility in production reduces the amount of models investigated saving manufacturers many thousands of dollars later where revisions to the report are required to satisfy an inspection rejection by an NRTL inspector.

Our documentation package is a service many manufacturer’s have taken advantage of reducing costs, investigation times, and reducing sample requirements.  Speak to one of our staff to see how we can help.

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