1986 Statue of Liberty Centennial Celebration

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For the 1986 Centennial celebration of The Statue of Liberty a complete makeover was due from the outside to the inside including new dramatic lighting in the interior. The task was to get the stainless steel low voltage interior luminaires listed by an NRTL in four weeks time. The time frame was tight as the low voltage transformers used were not evaluated by an NRTL as components. We were expecting delivery of the luminaires to our laboratory when we were notified that the truck delivering the lights was stolen somewhere in Brooklyn, NY and the manufacturer would need to remake the samples.

Here is where the whole project goes from difficult to crazy as we were told that we would now have one weeks time to test the luminaries and the unlisted transformers, and have the NRTL list the products. The insulation system on the transformers was a Recognized Class 130 system so the key here was that the temperature tests on multiple designs could not exceed 110 degrees C on the coils and Lady Liberty luck came our way. Tests, reports, unlisted transformers all done on time and we did not miss the shipment date!

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