Having your product in compliance to an ANSI safety standard may get the product listed, but those that neglect the ultimate goal are missing the mark.

What do we mean by “ultimate goal”? How about this; what good is a product that is NRTL listed that prematurely fails  in the field due to a patent defect? No good, and your bottom line will suffer!

Wilger Testing is part of your quality control team and we will advise you of questionable and/or problem areas in your design. Here is  just  another example of Wilger Testing adding value to every product safety  assignment. Our test laboratory team  and engineering team are  seasoned  and  thorough. No contract employees here, only well trained competent team members!

Using our review process we will find potential faults in your design and offer up ways to correct the deficiencies. Further, we check every component used in your product to ensure that use in your product is not only compliant, but more importantly, does not create expensive problems later. That’s right, product safety testing is actually quality control when done by Wilger Testing.  Value added every project without additional cost to manufacturer’s.

As a former NRTL employee, it was a pleasure to work with Wilger. Wilger sets the bar high among other companies that participate in the Client Test and Data Acceptance Programs because of the quality of their work. Their knowledge of how their products comply with the standards and testing shows in the way they provide their documentation packages. I was always confident that by working on a Wilger project, I would have to put in little effort because the work was already completed. In addition to having near flawless documentation packages, it was always a pleasure to work with the Wilger staff!

Julianne M. Lambiasi, Evaluation Engineering Supervisor
Magnetrol International

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