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By Wilger Testing Company on Monday, March 13th, 2017

Wilger Testing Company operates a world class ANSI/ANAB accredited laboratory to provide data for our customers NRTL Listings. Wilger Testing records data fast that is repeatable, reproducible, accurate, and accepted worldwide in the IEC/ISO 17025 scheme. Why is ISO 17025 accreditation important?

Simply put, a product safety Listing from an NRTL is a manufacturers litigation firewall when a catastrophic failure of products occurs in the field. If electrical lighting products are involved in a fire or created an electrical shock hazard the best defense is a defendable NRTL Listing. Should your NRTL Listing not hold up in court your company can suffer extreme financial loss. More disconcerting for a manufacturer is the threat of a product recall ordered by the CPSC (Consumer Product safety Commission). Product safety testing is important to your bottom line and Wilger Testing has your back offering:

1) Fast Turnaround on Testing and Listings Especially for Larger Product Offerings.
2) Best Negotiated Prices with NRTLs Stretching Your Product Safety Dollars.
3) Bulletproof Defendable NRTL Listings Never Any Surprises in the Field.
4) Eliminates Wasted Time Fixing Performance or Construction Issues With Our Seasoned Staff.
5) Knowledgeable and Experienced Staff Gets it Right The First Time Zero Hassle Policy.
6) Team Player When your Staff Needs Outside Help to Meet Tight Ship dates.
7) Roots Out Potential Field Problems Due to Marginal Components or Designs.
8) Accredited Laboratory Ready When you Need Us Reducing Need for Staffing.
9) Laboratory and Engineering Training and Support to Keep Your Staff Current.
10) Round Robin Testing to Qualify In-house Laboratory To Test In-house With Confidence.


1) Thermal Testing including Advanced Conditioning Stress Testing and Elevated Ambient.
2) Mechanical Testing including Impact, Torsion, Pull Out, Bending, Twisting, and Deflection.
3) Environmental Testing including Rain, Sprinkler, Immersion, and Corrosion (Salt Spray).
4) Electrical Testing Including Leakage, Dielectric, Burnout, Conditioning, Input.
5) Humidity Testing Including Oven and Freezer Conditioning.
6) Stability Testing Including Drop and Pendulum Impact Testing.
7) Gasket and Adhesive Aging Testing Including Diffuser Qualification Program.
8) Complete Lighting Track Testing Programs.
9) LED Component Qualification Programs for Drivers, Lampholders, Wire and Cable Programs.
10) Endurance, Abnormal, and Ground Continuity Tests.
11) Complete Class 2 Evaluation Programs For Power Supplies.
12) Recessed Air-Tight Leakage Testing and Energy Code Compliance Programs.
13) Wired Cabinet and Commercial Furnishings Programs.

Wilger Testing Company: Experienced, Ready, Competent, Affordable, and Aggressive! Visit us on the Web @ Wilgertesting.com to fast-track your test programs while reducing operating costs, and risks!

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