Urgent News Blast From Wilger Testing Regarding Important Information on the LED Class P Driver Debacle

By Wilger Testing Company on Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

It should come as no surprise, competing NRTL’s are confusing lighting manufacturers by each having their own protocol to qualifying LED drivers.  The whole concept of having NRTL’s established by OSHA was to have a unified set of ANSI/UL requirements where manufacturers were given a choice as to which NRTL actually conducted the investigation.  Clearly, nothing could be further from the truth when we look at LED driver qualification used in our lighting products.

In fact, the lack of a dedicated ANSI/UL safety standard for LED drivers has created a situation where manufacturers cannot easily substitute alternate driver models, either by the same driver manufacturer, or by an alternate manufacturer.  Further, what will happen when your customer needs to replace the driver you provided in your product that may not even be available in the future?

Wilger’s pledge to the lighting industry is to get product safety Listings quickly, without hassle, in budget, and on time regardless of the NRTL used. To this end Wilger Testing provides unbiased information to help lighting manufacturers traverse the mine field of driver techno speak to provide paths to greater acceptance of alternate drivers.   

If you want to get off the misinformation treadmill regarding LED Class P drivers, give one of our Consultants a call to see how you can start controlling your product safety program, instead of it controlling you!

Ask for our “Driver Substitution Outline” so you fully understand what is at play here in order to not create performance issues in the field or rejections from an NRTL.

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